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Open Streets are programs that temporarily open streets to people by closing them to cars.

The Open Streets Project is a collaboration between two organizations: 8 80 Cities and Streets Plans. We are the foremost North American experts on open streets programs, and are global leaders of the open streets movement. We’ve worked in dozens of cities and on dozens of open streets programs around the world. We believe in making available as widely as possible information on open streets programs.

The Open Streets Project is part advocacy project, part toolkit, part information database. It’s a one-stop shop for all things open streets related. Our team can offer aid and guidance to organizations and cities founding or growing their open streets programs. We believe that every municipality, no matter the size, can benefit from open streets.

The Open Streets Toolkit

On an Open Street people traffic replaces car traffic, and streets become places where people of all ages, abilities and background can come out and improve their health. They are free, regularly occurring programs that offer communities the opportunity to experience their city streets in a whole new way. We’ve created a comprehensive toolkit to help you bring an Open Streets event to your community and encourage you to check it out!

Latest News

  • By Ryan O’Connor, Director of Programs, 8 80 Cities Recently 8 80 Cities wrote a blog post about open streets being a labour of love. That being the case, the 2018 Open Streets Summit in New Orl

  • We hope you are getting ready and feel excited about the Open Streets Summit in Gretna/New Orleans! Taking place from September 15-16, 2018, the Summit will feature tours, presentations and networking

Additional Resources


Open Streets is a global movement of projects taking place in communities of all sizes, all over the world. In addition to the sections above we recommend that you check out our interactive Open Streets map where you can learn about active projects from across North America. We’ve also curated a video gallery to help you see how others have started their own Open Streets program.