Summits and Study Tours

Join us for an Open Streets Study Tour October 6th-8th!

The Open Streets Project is partnering with the non-profit organization New Brunswick Tomorrow to deliver an educational Open Streets Study Tour in New Brunswick, NJ from October 6th – October 8th. Register here!

The Study Tour will feature classroom sessions, networking opportunities, a behind the scenes tour of New Brunswick’s industry leading Ciclovia. Both novice and experienced open streets organizers, active transportation advocates, policymakers, health and wellness professionals and foundations should consider attending. The study tour will be led by experts from The Open Streets Project, New Brunswick Ciclovia, and other leaders in the global open streets movement. .

Attendees will learn about route design, partnering with local businesses and officials, social inclusion, ensuring public safety, recruiting volunteers, promotion, and evaluating open streets through measurable goals and metrics.

The study tour will be a smaller, more focused and hands-on version of the International Open Streets Summit events held each of the past four years: we plan on hosting approximately 25-35 leaders from across the country and the region to learn and share at this weekend-long gathering that includes experiencing the New Brunswick Ciclovia behind the scenes and in-person as a best practice case study.

About New Brunswick Ciclovia

Since launching in 2013, the New Brunswick Ciclovia – a free, citywide initiative that closes the streets to cars and opens them to people – has become an important community institution in New Brunswick, NJ. The Ciclovia, organized by the local non-profit organization New Brunswick Tomorrow, is a critical component in the city’s efforts to promote healthy active living by creating a safe space for people to exercise and play, helping everyone in the community experience New Brunswick’s vitality, livability, and diversity.

About the Open Streets Project

The Open Streets Project is an advocacy project led by 880 Cities and The Street Plans Collaborative. The goal of the project is to share information about open streets and increase the number, size, and frequency of initiatives occurring across North America. Since its inception in 2009, the Open Streets Project has hosted 4 large-scale open streets training events and published numerous research and toolkit documents for open streets organizers.

Upcoming Summits:

We’re working on finalizing the details for the 2017 International Open Streets Summit. Stay tuned and check back regularly for updates!  If you would like to receive updates on the summit, send us an email at and we’ll make sure you are notified.

Previous Summits:

  • 2016 International Open Streets Summit,Portland, OR
  • 2015 National Open Streets Summit, Atlanta GA
  • 2014 Open Streets Summit, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2013 Open Streets Summit, Minneapolis, MI