Work With Us

Open Streets programs knit communities together with biking and walking as the centerpieces, while creating excitement around active transportation. They offer a way to support local business, provide a space for safe and accessible exercise and a chance for community members to experience their city in a new and unique way.

Building a successful open streets program requires coordination across multiple organizations and agencies.  It can seem like a daunting task, with many moving and interlocking parts.  That’s where we can help.

How Can We Help?

Great question! The Open Streets Project offers technical assistance to organizations and city agencies that are interested in starting or expanding an existing open streets program. Our customized process will cater to the needs of your community and program.  We will work with your team of organizers and stakeholders to ensure that the assistance we provide is the right combination of information, training, and technical assistance to achieve your goals.

Our expert team gives you access to a wealth of knowledge in advocating for, planning and implementing open streets.  Working with the Open Streets Project will offer your initiative:

  • Strategies on how to mount successful campaigns to convince local decision makers and other stakeholders of the benefits of open streets
  • Advice on the best organizational model for open streets in your community
  • Exploration of potential routes for your initiative based on global best practices
  • Access to international leaders on open streets
  • Development of a marketing strategy, including how your message needs to change when communicating with different stakeholders; and,
  • Increased capacity for your partners and volunteers

Technical assistance and training is on a contract basis, and work is based on the current state of the program in question. The funds raised through technical assistance help us maintain and improve the resources you find on this website which in turn helps support the development and expansion of open streets programs around the world.

Are you interested in exploring this opportunity for your city or community? Contact for a free initial consultation today, and take the first step toward getting customized technical assistance that will help your Open Streets Initiative succeed.