Open Streets Project Revamped

The Open Streets Project has undergone some changes over the last year. We bid a sad farewell to project co-founder, the Alliance for Biking & Walking, who are moving on to other things, and we happily welcomed a new partner, international Open Streets leader 8 80 Cities. We are excited for all the possibilities and energy this partnership will bring.

Some of that new energy has manifested in our newly designed website and a revamped toolkit for those looking to launch a new open streets initiative in their local communities. With a simplified interface and non-linear selection tool that allows users to choose each tool in the toolbox individually when and where they need it, we are confident the new design will be received warmly.

We are also re-imagining the Open Streets Summit, an annual conference we’ve held since 2013 that brings together the best and brightest from open streets programs across the globe to share new ideas and best practices. Our new approach to the annual gathering will see more traditional conferences taking place in even numbered years and organized study tours to various open streets taking place in odd numbered years. This will balance opportunities for both the sharing of best practices, new theories, and success stories with chances to explore the nitty gritty details and troubleshooting of challenges that come with running a specific program. Our first study tour will take place this fall in partnership with New Brunswick Tomorrow’s Ciclovia program. In the coming months we’ll all be announcing details and registration opportunities for the 2018 Summit, so stay tuned!

All in all, it has been a big year and we’re jazzed about all the new exciting things coming down the Open Streets Project pipeline. We hope you are too!


The Open Streets Project Team

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